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Worth a 2nd Look

Worth a 2nd Look

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Taughannock Falls Over Icea 2nd Look Photo Art is a collection of images by Cathleen Abers-Kimball. Cathleen believes that while every piece of photographic art begins with the camera and the artist’s eye, finishing touches by the artist, using digital enhancements, will transform the photo into an artistic creation.

Cathleen lives in Falconer, NY and truly enjoys the familiar yet beautiful scenes she sees everyday in her hometown area. She also loves capturing those images with her camera.

Her main occupation is graphic design and website design. Her other business is 2ndLook Graphic Design. As a graphic designer she spends a great deal of time working in Photoshop. In this enterprise she is combining her love for photography with her inclination to create imagery digitally.

While she has many images from the Western NY area she also includes images from her travels to other locations, images of animals, plants and a category she calls “Everything Else.” Cathleen will continue to create new images on a regular basis.

The a 2nd Look Photo Art display here at Something Unique Art Gallery includes framed images, matted prints of various sizes and a large selection of greeting cards and note cards. If you do not find what you are looking for here, all of her images are available on her a 2ndLook Photo Art website where you can order prints in the sizes you need. Of course you will want to bring them in to Bob Rogers for the frame that will show the work off to its best advantage.

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Anna Weaver Featured in Erie Art Museum

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AW-tnMarch 7 – June 14, 2014

The Amish Art of Anna J. Weaver
Ronald E. Holstein Gallery

Amish folk art painter Anna J. Weaver’s acrylics capture her community and its lifestyle in intricate detail on canvas, board, saws and other surfaces.

Anna’s artwork is featured in the Something Unique Art Gallery. Be sure to visit her display in Erie.

>>Learn more about Anna Weaver


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Photos as Art – Cards

Photos as Art – Cards

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A 2ndLook Photo Art

Greeting Cards

Photographer/Graphic Designer, Cathleen Abers-Kimball, offers greeting cards featuring a large number of subjects which start as photos and are artistically enhanced using her digital skills.

Cards Folded to  5″x 7″ with envelope

Price: $4.95 each


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Talented Portrait Artist

Talented Portrait Artist

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Portrait Artist
Susan Tewinkle Wolfe

Susan, a native of Sherman, works primarily in oils but is equally gifted in charcoals and pastels.  She works from sittings and/or photographs of people and animals.  Other popular subjects include florals, still lifes, and local landmarks.

She has undertaken numerous commissions for private and corporate clients in the U.S., Canada and Europe.  Lucie Arnaz Luckinbill and Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki on the “Young and the Restless”) are recent clients.  Other selected commissions have included Yankee owner George Steinbrenner, major league baseball player Spike Owen, former Buffalo Bill’s player Pete Metzlars and Ugo Chiola, owner of Kosmos Horse Breeders, Littletown, PA and Chiola Winery in Italy.

Corporate clients have included Ladbroke at the Meadows Racetrack, Washington, PA, and the Edmonton Northlands Racetrack, Calgary, Canada.  Her commissioned oil portraits are also currently displayed at the Trotting Horse Museum, Goshen, NY, and the Chautauqua County and Allegany County Courthouses.

Commissions of dogs and horses have included many show animals and world champions as well as beloved family pets.

Susan’s painting and portraits hang in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.


Ms. Wolfe can be reached at her studio in Sherman, NY, at (716)761-6934, or by email artistsusanwolfe@

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Unique Amish Artist

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Anna 100_5188Weaver is a fresh talent in the “folk art” genre,  an Amish mother with six young children who finds time to do all of the usual chores around the home and can still make time to create genuine “Amish Art”.  Most Amish art is done by “English” artist painting Amish scenes.  Anna has the usual eighth grade education with no formal art instruction.  Her unusual talent was discovered by a local book store owner who saw some of Anna’s original pieces, Amish farm scenes painted on softball sized rocks picked up from the fields where she helped with the farming.

Ms. 100_5190Anna Weaver’s work reflects everyday life and memories of her childhood in a typical Amish community. Examples of subjects are sugar house, wash day, milking time, ice skating, covered bridge, spring plowing, and winter logging. She started painting Amish scenes on slate and smooth fieldstones gathered while clearing fields for planting. Most of these pieces were no larger than a softball.

A local restaurateur noticed her paintings in East Branch Books, a used book store in Sherman, and commissioned her to paint a mural along the full length of one wall in a dining area. With no prior experience in mural art, she produced an Amish scene that measured 30 feet by four feet and depicted a farmhouse, sawmill and an Amish school with children playing in the yard.

Someth100_3849ing Unique Gallery and Frame Shop then asked Ms. Weaver for the opportunity to display and sell her work. She brought in several saw blades of various sizes and shapes with typical Amish scenes painted on them along with a few acrylic on canvas pieces.

Since being discovered she has created a 20′ by 4′ mural of Amish scenes on the wall of a recently opened local restaurant.   After completing the mural she has painted several scenes on canvas which have all been sold at this time.

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Our Very Unique Gallery

Our Very Unique Gallery

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Something Unique Art Gallery is, well, really something unique. Each time you visit the gallery you are likely to encounter a surprising new artist, or crafts-person or the latest creation from one of your favorites. You  find in our gallery truly reflects the charm and culture of our local community. And while representing the local flavor the works of these artist are appreciated by collectors both near and far away.

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