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Bob Rogers, Owner of Something Unique Art Gallery
Bob Rogers, Owner of
Something Unique

SOMETHING UNIQUE started out as a hobby back in the 70’s when the owner, Bob Rogers was framing his own calligraphic works. One of his night school instructors gave the class the name and location of an Amish picture frame manufacturer who produced very good hardwood frames at competitive prices. The business evolved from there with friends, family and neighbors requesting custom framing for their photos and art.

On April 1st, 1999 SOMETHING UNIQUE became an official business starting out in one room of the house (with glass cutting in the garage) using frames cut and joined by the Amish manufacturer. When Bob and his wife, Mary Ann moved in 2004 across town to an old Victorian house with a garage and small barn; the barn was insulated and heated to convert it into a year around framing shop. The shop remained there until May of 2006 when Bob found a downtown store front location with more space and much more foot traffic.

In the meantime, Bob gathered all the information he could from books and framing manuals to compliment his business. The original hand held Dexter mat cutter was replaced by a much more accurate Logan cutter which was replaced by an Altos system complete with ovals and a hand cutter which complimented the Logan oval/circle cutter he was then using. The shop now uses a much more up-to-date Chronomat with production stops eliminating much of the usual layout preparation. To add to his resources for techniques Bob attended the International Picture Framing School in Kingston Ontario completing both the basic and advanced framing courses.

The majority of the work done in the shop features conservation mounting and matting with acid free museum grade mats and mounting board used on all of the pieces he works on. All types of glass are available from “premium clear” to “museum” grade with reflection control and UV control included. With the recently acquired Fletcher 1100 circle/oval cutter now in the shop he can produce mats from a 1″ circular opening to a 32 X 40 mat cut to fit the art. Larger mats up to 40 X 60 can also be cut on a custom made mat cutting system developed by Bob’s sister, Marilynn Weaver. Frames up to 4′ by 8′ can be assembled in the shop as well. A Phadera Chronomat miter saw and a Thumbnail Master joiner handle the cutting and joining of the custom frames.

In addition the gallery carries an environmental friendly greeting card line and locally made gift items. Gift certificates for custom framing are available and make a unique and appreciated gift. SOMETHING UNIQUE can be contacted through this website or at somethinguniqueart@hotmail.com.

In 2015 the material and equipment of the frame shop were sold to another framer with the SOMETHING UNIQUE name staying with Bob where he represents Amish artist Anna Weaver and his own art and wood carvings.