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Taughannock Falls Over Icea 2nd Look Photo Art is a collection of images by Cathleen Abers-Kimball. Cathleen believes that while every piece of photographic art begins with the camera and the artist’s eye, finishing touches by the artist, using digital enhancements, will transform the photo into an artistic creation.

Cathleen lives in Falconer, NY and truly enjoys the familiar yet beautiful scenes she sees everyday in her hometown area. She also loves capturing those images with her camera.

Her main occupation is graphic design and website design. Her other business is 2ndLook Graphic Design. As a graphic designer she spends a great deal of time working in Photoshop. In this enterprise she is combining her love for photography with her inclination to create imagery digitally.

While she has many images from the Western NY area she also includes images from her travels to other locations, images of animals, plants and a category she calls “Everything Else.” Cathleen will continue to create new images on a regular basis.

The a 2nd Look Photo Art display here at Something Unique Art Gallery includes framed images, matted prints of various sizes and a large selection of greeting cards and note cards. If you do not find what you are looking for here, all of her images are available on her a 2ndLook Photo Art website where you can order prints in the sizes you need. Of course you will want to bring them in to Bob Rogers for the frame that will show the work off to its best advantage.