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Anna 100_5188Weaver is a fresh talent in the “folk art” genre,  an Amish mother with six young children who finds time to do all of the usual chores around the home and can still make time to create genuine “Amish Art”.  Most Amish art is done by “English” artist painting Amish scenes.  Anna has the usual eighth grade education with no formal art instruction.  Her unusual talent was discovered by a local book store owner who saw some of Anna’s original pieces, Amish farm scenes painted on softball sized rocks picked up from the fields where she helped with the farming.

Ms. 100_5190Anna Weaver’s work reflects everyday life and memories of her childhood in a typical Amish community. Examples of subjects are sugar house, wash day, milking time, ice skating, covered bridge, spring plowing, and winter logging. She started painting Amish scenes on slate and smooth fieldstones gathered while clearing fields for planting. Most of these pieces were no larger than a softball.

A local restaurateur noticed her paintings in East Branch Books, a used book store in Sherman, and commissioned her to paint a mural along the full length of one wall in a dining area. With no prior experience in mural art, she produced an Amish scene that measured 30 feet by four feet and depicted a farmhouse, sawmill and an Amish school with children playing in the yard.

Someth100_3849ing Unique Gallery and Frame Shop then asked Ms. Weaver for the opportunity to display and sell her work. She brought in several saw blades of various sizes and shapes with typical Amish scenes painted on them along with a few acrylic on canvas pieces.

Since being discovered she has created a 20′ by 4′ mural of Amish scenes on the wall of a recently opened local restaurant.   After completing the mural she has painted several scenes on canvas which have all been sold at this time.

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