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Worth a 2nd Look

Posted on Mar 13 by

a 2nd Look Photo Art is a collection of images by Cathleen Abers-Kimball. Cathleen believes that while every piece of photographic art begins with the camera and the...


Walts Wooden Toys

Posted on Mar 13 by

  Everything from minature cars and animals to five foot long trains  and large semi trucks, all reasonably priced and all hand...


Inspired by Nature

Posted on Mar 13 by

Liag Zeppetello works in a variety of mediums including oil, graphite pencil, ink, glass beads, bone, feather, and stones. The natural world and Mother Earth guide her exploration of self, meaning and connection to all life.


Talented Portrait Artist

Posted on Feb 4 by

Portrait Artist Susan Tewinkle Wolfe Susan, a native of Sherman, works primarily in oils but is equally gifted in charcoals and pastels.  She works from sittings and/or...